A Simple (Yet Effective!) Trick For Letting Go Of Jealous Thoughts

When people ask me the question “Is retroactive jealousy a form of obsessive compulsive disorder?” I generally skew the conversation toward possible solutions, rather than discussing theory. I do this because I think giving retroactive jealousy an intimidating label such as “OCD” makes it seem bigger, scarier, and harder to overcome. I’ve tried to avoid this…

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What You Need To Know About Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy

In the year+ that this blog has been active, I’ve responded to hundreds and hundreds of emails from readers just like you. I’ve heard every story concerning retroactive jealousy that you can imagine (and probably a few you can’t). I’ve received moving letters from cancer survivors, Moroccan hash smokers, and just about every other type of…

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Mailbag: “What I’ve learned from overcoming retroactive jealousy”

One of the major perks of being an author and educator is getting letters from people who have been impacted by your work. It’s gratifying, to say the least. Earlier this week I sent an email to my mailing list (sign up using the sidebar on the right) asking people what they’ve learned since beginning to…

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Learn How To Party Through Your Pain

As I mentioned earlier this year, I’ve spent the past several months working on a new book that I’m very excited about. Today I’m pleased to announce that it will be released a little later this summer, and will be absolutely free — that means zero dollars, zilch, nada — for about a week. Enter…

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Mailbag: Dealing With Obsessive Curiosity and Retroactive Jealousy

I recently got an email from a reader named Eric dealing with “hitting a wall,” and his intense curiosity regarding his girlfriend’s diary: Dear Zach,      First off, I would like to thank you for your book. I bought it after I continuously obsessed over my girlfriend’s past. Wanting to know every detail was only…

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Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy course featured on the Udemy blog! (Get a 75% discount inside!)

The fine people at Udemy recently posted some very good tips on overcoming retroactive jealousy: “People who suffer from retroactive jealousy will experience feelings of deep depression, anger, or even nausea at the mention, thought, or reminder of their partner’s romantic and sexual history. Names, memories, and the slightest hint at their partner having ever…

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Retroactive Jealousy is a Gift (Yes, I’m Being 100% Serious…)

Note: the following is an excerpt from Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: A Guide to Getting Over Your Partner’s Past and Finding Peace. Click here to learn more.   Chapter 4: Your jealousy is a gift. IF SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME  that retroactive jealousy was a “gift” while I was struggling with it, there is a good…

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Shame, Embarrassment, and Retroactive Jealousy: My Journey

IF YOU’VE FOLLOWED THIS BLOG FOR A WHILE, you’ll know that last year I came out. (No, not like that. I still like girls. A lot.) I mean I ditched my pen name (RIP Frank Morrison), and owned my real one for use on this website, and in my book and course. And at first, it…

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The Four Most Popular Quotes from Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy

About two months ago, I caved and bought an Amazon Kindle. It had been a long time coming — I’ve been a long-term traveler for years, and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying books, and shipping books back to Canada while on the road. It’s a pain, and the ease of carting around thousands of…

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Retroactive Jealousy, and the Most Powerful Video on the Internet

Needless to say, there are a LOT of videos on YouTube. It’s estimated that YouTube users watch approximately 6 BILLION hours of video per month. (Imagine how many working hours are lost to the site every year? Boggles the mind…) Surely, the majority of these videos feature cats doing silly things. But there are some…

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