In today’s video, I’m going to share another non-obvious tip for dealing with any kind of unwanted curiosity, and how to beat intrusive thoughts.

If you’re looking for a way to beat intrusive thoughts, obsessive jealousy, anything like that, I think you might find this piece of advice valuable.

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Zachary Stockill: So I discovered this little tip … I can’t remember, probably around 10 years ago, when I was struggling with very intense retroactive jealousy, when I was plagued by relentless curiosity about my then girlfriend’s past.

When I was really struggling and looking for a way to overcome obsessive curiosity, and beat intrusive thoughts.

When it felt like day and night I was more or less a prisoner to obsessive thoughts, thinking, obsessive curiosity about my then-girlfriend’s past.

What I discovered that really helped is not that obvious. When you look into it and think about it a little more, it becomes more obvious why it’s so effective.

And this piece of advice is: exhausting yourself physically.

What do I mean by exhausting yourself physically?

I don’t mean taking an evening stroll in the park, playing ping pong unless you’re playing very intense ping pong.

I mean doing something physical in which you are dripping with sweat and physically exhausted by the end of it.

There are so many benefits to doing this.

I’m not a doctor, make sure you do what’s right for you in your particular level of physical fitness. Your particular health. I don’t want to be responsible for any heart attacks or anything like that…

I discovered back when I was struggling with retroactive jealousy is if I would do something physically exhausting at least once a day, there were numerous benefits that really helped me make progress toward overcoming retroactive jealousy.

Some of the main benefits that this afforded me, aside from things like confidence and improving my appearance were; number one, improved sleep.

If you are not sleeping very well on a regular basis, it’s very likely you’re not getting enough exercise.

You’re not exhausting yourself physically on a regular basis. And if you really exhaust yourself physically … by the way, this can be anything that you enjoy.

For example, yesterday I was absolutely exhausted when I went to bed because I really pushed it hard at the gym, just lifting weights, doing free weights, things like that.

You can do it in the swimming pool, you can swim, you can play a sport that you enjoy, you can do pushups in your living room. It really can be anything that you personally enjoy.

But anyway, when I would do this, I found that my sleep automatically improved.

If you’re struggling with anything like retroactive jealousy, obsessive jealousy, anything like that, chances are very good you’re not getting enough sleep.

So if you really exhaust yourself physically at least once a day, I guarantee you’ll get a better sleep at night.

Aside from that, when you’re focused on doing something physically, when you’re creating all those endorphins that start flowing through your body, when your mood is uplifted, when you’re feeling good, it’s just natural that you’re going to have less energy to waste dealing with irrational curiosity, intrusive mental movies, all of the common symptoms of obsessive jealousy, retroactive jealousy.

You’ve simply got less energy for this kind of stuff.

Your brain has less energy to focus on things from the past that don’t matter.

To focus on intrusive curiosity that isn’t important, whatever it is. Very, very good idea. I strongly encourage you to look into doing something physical every day.

And by the way, when you’re doing this, pay attention to the benefits, pay attention to the results.

You can even keep a notebook.

Mark down “I got seven hours of sleep last night. I worked my ass off at the gym today and I got eight hours of sleep.” Something like this.

As you’re working to beat intrusive thoughts, it’s crucial to keep track of your progress.

So keep track of your exercise, keep track of how hard you exercise and make notes about the benefits you experience, at least in part as a result of this new exercise regimen.

Hope you found this video useful.

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Zachary Stockill
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