The Breakup Recovery Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Online Course for Surviving (And Eventually Thriving) Through the End of a Relationship

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45+ Daily HD Video Lessons & Exercises

9 Guided Meditations Designed Specifically for Healing the Pain of Loss

8 Weeks of Structured, Step-by-Step Recovery

1 Proven System for Surviving (and Eventually Thriving) Through Your Breakup

As the saying goes, "breakups don't have to leave you broken."

As painful and disruptive as a breakup or divorce can be, it can also represent an enormous opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

There’s a reason breakup and divorce survivors frequently describe the experience as “a blessing in disguise,” months or years after the fact.

But what distinguishes these survivors from those who remain mired in their post-breakup pain for months, years, even decades?

Taking ownership, and taking action.

Enter "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint."

zachary stockill breakup recoveryMy name is Zachary Stockill.

My work has been featured by BBC News, BBC Radio 4, The Sun, The Art of Charm, HuffPost, and many other popular podcasts and publications.

I am the author of The Breakup Recovery Workbook, and creator and host of "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint."

I'm also the survivor of more than one painful breakup.

So if you're currently going through a breakup, let me tell you: "it will get better."

Here's some more good news: having someone show you how you can heal, step-by-step, will make things a lot easier for you.

Which is why I created "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Online Course for Surviving (and Eventually Thriving) Through the End of a Relationship."

"The Breakup Recovery Blueprint" contains eight weeks of HD video lessons, guided meditations, and exercises for gaining clarity, peace of mind, inspiration, and perspective in the wake of a breakup or divorce.

breakup recovery workbookCreated in tandem with The Breakup Recovery Workbook, each week of video lessons, meditations, and exercises is focused on a different theme, all aimed at healing the pain of loss, gaining crucial new insight into healing, and designing a brighter future.

Based on over seven years of research, coaching, and working directly with breakup survivors, "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint" was designed to be the most efficient, effective, and comprehensive resource available for quickly healing from a breakup or divorce, and gaining clarity, insight, and peace of mind.

In a series of to-the-point, actionable, step-by-step HD video lessons, I show you exactly how to heal through your breakup, absorb the lessons you need to absorb, get your "old self" back, and start healing through your breakup as quickly as possible.

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breakup recovery online course

With as little as ten to fifteen minutes a day, "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint" will show you how to:

  • quickly start to recover from the initial shock and/or pain from your breakup
  • “stop the bleeding,” and take the crucial initial steps toward long-term healing
  • learn the “6 Simple Rules of Breakup Recovery,” guaranteed to give you the best chance at a speedy recovery
  • get valuable new insight into your childhood and previous dating experiences and how they shape and influence your current reality
  • explore proven, time-tested mindfulness and visualization techniques aimed at encouraging and facilitating peace of mind
  • remember all of the wonderful things that make you “you,” and begin to get your "old self" back
  • work on your self-esteem, take back the power, and access an invigorated new sense of confidence and self-assuredness
  • put together a specific, detailed action plan aimed at improving your physical health and mental well-being
  • internalize and crystalize the lessons from your last relationship, in preparation for your next, more suitable relationship in the future
  • build an incredible new single life for yourself (in preparation for an incredible new relationship whenever you’re ready for it)
  • immediately start healing the pain of loss, and gaining a new sense of possibility and excitement about your future

breakup recovery online course

Drawing insights from self-help, cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as ancient Buddhist and Stoic philosophy, "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint" was designed for anyone going through a breakup or divorce who’s looking for clarity and peace of mind, and willing to take action to get it.

While there is no escaping the initial pain of a breakup or divorce, this pain becomes more and more manageable the more we absorb the lessons from our past, take stock of where we are in the present, and plan for a better tomorrow.

Believe it or not, breakups don’t have to leave you broken—breakups can leave you better.

And if you’re willing to put in the work, "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint" will prove it to you.

I'm so confident that my course will prove to you that breakups can leave you better, that I offer a 60-day, no questions asked, moneyback guarantee with every purchase.

It's simple: if you don't find my course helpful, let me know within 60 days of your purchase, and I'll refund every cent--no questions asked.

breakup recovery online course

Are you ready to start healing, and start living the life you deserve?

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Here's exactly what you'll find inside "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint" Online Course:

breakup recovery online course

Week 1: Identifying the Problem

In week 1, you'll discover the "6 Simple Rules" of breakup recovery guaranteed to give you the best possible chance at a speedy recovery. You'll also delve deeper into your own psyche, exploring themes of acceptance, mindfulness, and conscious journaling practices.

Week 2: Thoughts Aren't Things

This week's lessons are all about becoming more conscious of negative thought patterns, and "re-wiring" our brains to encourage new, healthier thought patterns, and optimism about the future.

breakup recovery online course

Week 3: Cleaning out Clutter

This week we'll go even deeper, looking for ways to "clean out" old mental patterns which aren't serving us, and taking proactive steps to structure both our mental and physical environment to promote long-term healing.

Week 4: Embraceable You

With the momentum we've already established, this week we'll explore new methods of building and encouraging self-esteem, getting your "old self" back, and beginning to build an incredible new single life for yourself.

breakup recovery online course

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Week 5: Cultivating Presence

Cultivating presence, and building mindfulness habits is one of the most effective routes to greater happiness, acceptance, and joy in every day life. This week's exercises will introduce powerful new mindfulness practices which will ensure you start getting the most out of every day.

Week 6: Calling Out Ghosts

This week we will take more steps to heal old wounds, understand ourselves (and our history) better, and work to make peace with our past so that we can continue to build an incredible future.

breakup recovery online course

Week 7: Practicing Forgiveness

Forgiveness of ourselves and others isn't always easy. However, it is necessary to truly heal the wounds from our past, embrace the future, foster optimism and possibility, and set ourselves up for an amazing new relationship whenever we're ready for it. This week's exercises and practices are all about healing and liberation.

Week 8: Living a Mindful Life

This week we'll go deeper into planning our future, structuring our days (and minds) to give us the best chance at long-term peace of mind and happiness, and doing even more to heal the wounds from our past, plan for a better future, and build our best life possible.

breakup recovery online course

Bonus Material & Additional Resources for Healing

In addition to the 45+ daily HD video lessons and exercises in the course, you'll also receive access to several hours worth of weekly guided meditations, each focused on a different theme, all aimed at healing the specific pain points of breakups, and giving you the best chance at long-term healing.

You'll also find additional bonus videos, Q&A, and more inside the course.

But it gets better:

Each Purchase of 'The Breakup Recovery Blueprint' Comes With a 60-Day, No-Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee

I believe in this course so much that you will get a full refund of your money if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase within 60 days. Worst case scenario: you “waste” a couple of hours of your time. Best case scenario: you heal the pain from your breakup, and start living the life that you deserve.

Are you ready to start healing, and start building the best possible life for yourself right now?

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Praise for my previous online course, "Get Over Your Partner's Past Fast:"

I finished the course in a week and a half. It was instant help… There’s a huge difference now… You gave me the tools to fix this. - Zachary, USA

You're the person who got me over something so difficult, something so miserable, and now it's finally over. Thank-you so much, Zach.

I started the course a month ago... I can't recommend it enough. It's given me my life back.

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It’s a night and day difference, the way that I feel… I’ve never been more at peace… It’s an amazing thing, just feeling free.

After [taking the course], I just felt free... I'm the happiest I’ve ever been.

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Every purchase of "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint" comes with:

  • The entire "Breakup Recovery Blueprint" online video course (valued at $997)

    Consisting of over 45 step-by-step HQ video lessons, “The Breakup Recovery Blueprint” is the most comprehensive, effective, and efficient resource available for healing from a painful breakup or divorce, gaining clarity and insight, and building an incredible new life for yourself.

  • BONUS: Weekly guided meditations and additional videos (valued at $297)

    In addition to the 50+ step-by-step video lessons included in “The Breakup Recovery Blueprint,” when you purchase the course today you’ll get instant access to bonus videos on building healthy relationships, weekly guided meditations on healing the pain of loss, exclusive personal development exercises and much more.

  • BONUS: Email coaching from me, author and course instructor Zachary Stockill (valued at $197)

    Have a question for me? Want to share your story? Looking for a bit of feedback on your unique situation? As soon as you sign up for the course, you can take advantage of one confidential email consultation with yours truly, in which you can ask me anything you want. I simply want to help you get through this. So, let’s work together to get to the bottom of your problem and come up with solutions tailor-made just for you.

  • Zero-Risk Moneyback Guarantee

    Rest easy knowing that every purchase of “The Breakup Recovery Blueprint” comes with a 60 day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

  • Instant, Unlimited Access to All of the Lessons

    Take as long as you need to work through the course, and get access to the materials for as long as you need. View the course using your desktop computer, laptop, phone, tablet, whatever.

  • Confidentiality Guaranteed

    Your information will never be shared. Feel free to sign up for the course under a fake name, and proceed through the course totally anonymously if you’d prefer.

zachary stockill breakup recovery

Although you might find it hard to believe right now, breakups don't have to leave you broken. Breakups can leave you better.

And "The Breakup Recovery Blueprint" will prove it to you.

For a limited time only, you can sign up for the entire course package (valued at $1491) for just $297 USD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconI’m not great with technology. How do I access the videos after I sign up?

    Immediately after your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email with a link and login details. Create your account, and you’ll be on your way in less than 30 seconds.

    As soon as you sign up, you’ll be able to access the entire course 24 hours a day, seven days a week using your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, whatever. Go through the course at your own pace, whenever you have time. All you need is a half-decent internet connection.

  • q-iconIn the course, you’re not going to tell me ‘the past is the past, just get over it,’ are you?

    Ha. No.  (I remember how annoying and unhelpful that “advice” used to be back when I was going through my own breakups.)

    The course is focused on solutions for healing and building a better future—practical, implementable, actionable solutions. I do share research and theory about psychology, personal development, etc. but the “meat” of the course is in the practical exercises, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, mindfulness practices, and brain “re-wiring” exercises. And many people have found this step-by-step program very, very helpful.
  • q-iconCan't I just read your blog or The Breakup Recovery Workbook?

    This course is specifically designed to maximize your results through a time-tested step-by-step program you won’t find anywhere else–not on the blog, not in the workbook, not anywhere. “The Breakup Recovery Blueprint” represents the culmination of my work on breakup recovery, and is, I believe, the most comprehensive, user-tested, and effective step-by-step resource available to help you heal the pain from your breakup and start living the life you deserve.

  • q-iconI'm embarrassed by this problem... and the fact that I can't seem to solve it on my own.

    I get it. It took me waaaaaay too long to finally seek help in dealing with my own painful breakups. But things only started to get better for me AFTER I acknowledged that I needed a little outside perspective and guidance. I look back on all the time I wasted, wrestling with this all by myself, and shake my head…

    So take it from someone who’s been there: the truly embarrassing thing is to ignore the problem, hoping it goes away on its own, and wasting more weeks, months, or even years suffering in silence. The brave option is to admit you have a problem you can’t solve on your own, commit to solve it, and then seek out the help you need when you need it. That takes courage. That takes guts.

    I can’t “cure” your breakup pain overnight. No one can. Nobody can fix this for you except you. But what I CAN do is offer you a time-tested, proven step-by-step path to freedom that you, and any other breakup survivor can use to get relief, any time you want.

    I can’t walk the path for you, but I can be there to guide you every step of the way, and show you everything that worked for me, and everything that has worked for countless men and women from around the world.

breakup recovery online course

It’s time to start healing from your breakup and start living the life you deserve.

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zachary stockill breakup recoveryThank you so much for checking out my course. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this, and I am really excited to hear your success story.

If you have any additional questions about the course, please don't hesitate to contact me here.

Talk soon,

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