Today, I’m proud to announce the release of my newest book: The Breakup Recovery Workbook: Daily Writing Exercises for Surviving (And Eventually Thriving) Through the End of a Relationship.

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As the saying goes, breakups don’t have to leave you broken, and I wrote The Breakup Recovery Workbook in an attempt to prove that to you.

So as painful and disruptive as a breakup or a divorce can be, it can also represent an enormous opportunity for transformation.

There’s a reason breakup and divorce survivors frequently describe the experience as a blessing in disguise months or years after the fact.

A big question that has motivated my research over the past few years is, what distinguishes these breakups survivors from the people who remain mired in their post-breakup or divorce pain for weeks, months, or even years?

What I’ve discovered through a great deal of research is there are identifiable characteristics. Habits, exercises, practices, perspectives that really make the difference between the people who merely survive a breakup or divorce. And, those who are actually thriving weeks or months later.

It’s a clear system. A clear step-by-step system of taking ownership and taking action. And, I wrote The Breakup Recovery Workbook to lay the system out in plain English and simple step-by-step format.

The Breakup Recovery Workbook contains eight weeks of writing exercises, journaling exercises for gaining clarity, perspective. And, peace of mind in the wake of a breakup or divorce.

It’s an eight-week program, step-by-step exercises each and every day.

Some exercises will take you maybe 10 minutes to complete. Others up to an hour, and each of these exercises is focused on a different theme.

All are aimed at healing the pain of loss, gaining crucial new insight into healing, and designing a brighter future.

With this book, I’ve drawn insights from self-help, from cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as ancient Buddhist and Stoic philosophy.

It’s based, in part, on my last workbook, The Overcoming Jealousy Workbook.

It’s also based on hundreds and hundreds of coaching calls, thousands of emails from breakups survivors from every corner of the globe.

While there’s no escaping the initial pain of a breakup or divorce, this pain becomes more and more manageable the more we absorb and crystallize the lessons from our past, the more we take stock of exactly where we are in the present moment, and the more we actively plan for a better future.

So as I say in the book, breakups don’t have to leave you broken. Breakups can actually leave you better. And with The Breakup Recovery Workbook, my intention is to prove this to you.

**UPDATE: Your support has made The Breakup Recovery Workbook the #1 New Release in the “Divorce” category on Amazon.

the breakup recovery blueprint with Zachary Stockill

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