Listen to a New Interview on the Knowledge for Men Podcast

One of the most enjoyable parts of being an author is connecting with others with similar missions in life. I recently appeared on Andrew Ferebee’s wonderful Knowledge for Men Podcast to talk jealousy, relationships, and more. During the near hour-long interview, we discussed retroactive jealousy, my journey toward overcoming it, how to interpret more “normal’ jealousy in relationships,…

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Listen To My New Interview On The ManTalks Podcast


ManTalks is a personal development website focused on sharing stories from “men making a difference.” Last month I was honoured to be featured as a ‘Man of the Week,’ and this week I was invited to appear on the ManTalks Podcast to share my story, and talk about retroactive jealousy. If you’re a man (or woman,…

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Listen To My Interview on Retroactive Jealousy for “The Art Of Charm” Podcast

Recently I was interviewed for one of the most popular self-improvement podcasts in the world. The Art of Charm bills itself as “life coaching for the modern guy,” and their podcast features interviews with authors, coaches, psychologists, business leaders, and more. It’s one of the most enlightening and entertaining podcasts out there, and I felt both humbled…

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