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This is not your typical online course...

You won't find any fluff, or someone telling you to "just get over it" in here.

Consisting of over 10 hours of HQ video, including over 25 step-by-step lessons, exercises, and practical demonstrations, "Get Over Your Partner's Past Fast" is focused on taking action and getting results.

Hosted by the author of Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy, and the founder of (that's me!), Zachary Stockill's work has been praised as "groundbreaking," and featured in The Huffington Post, ManTalks, Knowledge for Men, The Art of Charm, and many other popular podcasts and online publications.

In the course I take you through a time-tested, student-approved, proven step-by-step system for overcoming retroactive jealousy, and gaining control, clarity, and peace of mind as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Designed and refined over nearly half a decade of research, one-on-one coaching, and conversations with fellow retroactive jealousy sufferers, the course has helped hundreds of men and women from around the world overcome retroactive jealousy, and is almost universally described by students as the most powerful and effective product on the market for overcoming retroactive jealousy ASAP.

After you finish "Get Over Your Partner's Past Fast," you will be able to:

  • Confront potential "triggers" in social situations or at home, remain calm, and deal with them effectively
  • Block "mental movies" and unwanted thoughts whenever they come up, and remain peaceful
  • Escape the cycle of obsessive thinking and incessant curiosity, and use practical steps to "re-wire" your brain for clarity and peace of mind
  • Enjoy a new, happier, more exciting relationship with your partner and consider a potential future together WITHOUT worrying about their past
  • Stop wasting more days, weeks, months, or even years suffering from unwanted thoughts, confusion, and anxiety about your partner's past
  • Benefit from the unique stories, perspectives, and experiences of hundreds of other students, and discover the most important lessons they learned
  • Determine whether or not you're suffering from OCD, and start using science-proven techniques to begin combatting it immediately
  • Spend quality time and have fun with your partner, your family, and friends with a new sense of ease and peace--have conversations WITHOUT worrying about another potential "trigger"...
  • Shave weeks, months, or even YEARS off your full recovery from RJ--quickly learn what works, and what doesn't from hundreds of RJ sufferers who have found the way to peace
  • Enjoy a newfound sense of optimism, confidence, and certainty that, no matter what the future throws at you, RJ is a beast that you know how to defeat WHENEVER it rears its ugly head
  • Explore your values, what's really important to you, how your partner's past really "fits" into your values, and how to get clear about whether or not to move forward
  • Experiment with time-tested, non-denominational mindfulness practices in daily life, and enjoy a new sense of inner stillness and tranquility throughout the day
  • Rely on a student-approved, "incredibly calming" and relaxing guided meditation SPECIFICALLY dealing with retroactive jealousy whenever you have a minor "attack," or "flare-up" of unwanted thoughts
  • Relax into the comfort of knowing that you're not alone anymore, you have a thoroughly-researched, time-tested, student-approved, proven step-by-step program to follow that will lead you to freedom from retroactive jealousy
  • Stop wasting time trawling Google for answers, sorting through endless blog posts, loitering in chat rooms and message boards with unfriendly, unhelpful trolls and commenters
  • IMMEDIATELY start getting peace and relief with what has been described by one student as "the only resource to help with RJ that works"
  • Ease into a new clarity and peace of mind regarding your partner's past, and move forward in an exciting new life FREE from the shackles of retroactive jealousy


Section I: Introduction

Welcome to "Get Over Your Partner's Past Fast!" In the introduction I will share a little more about my own journey toward overcoming RJ (and what you can learn from it); how to use the material in the course; how to give yourself the best possible chance for a quick and lasting recovery; and show you how things are about to get much, much better for you starting now...

Section II: Laying the Groundwork

In 8 in-depth video lessons, I'll show you what causes retroactive jealousy and how to "assess" your partner's past, go deeper into my own journey of suffering and recovery, explore the optimal perspectives for overcoming RJ and share student success stories, prove to you that retroactive jealousy is actually a gift (yes, really), and lay the foundation for your recovery.

Section III: First Steps to a Solution

In 9 HQ video lessons, I will show you practical steps to deal with "mental movies" and other painful, unwanted thoughts; how to "turn pro" and give yourself the best chance for a quick and lasting recovery from RJ; how to process incessant curiosity about your partner's past; how to approach personal development and how to create your own "blueprint" for healing; how to deal with unwanted "triggers," and remain peaceful, and much more.

Section IV: Cultivating a Present Mind

In this section I will offer a practical demonstration of basic mindulness techniques that will help you slay unwanted painful thoughts whenever they come up; share more about a super-basic mindfulness practice that many students have found extremely helpful; and share practical, time-tested, student-approved instructions on how to stay present, calm, and in control even when your mind threatens you with painful thoughts.

Section V: Next Steps to Freedom

In 6 of the most important video lessons in the course, you will discover how to perform the most powerful journaling exercise in the world (and how, if performed correctly, it will give you liberation from retroactive jealousy); how to deal with the most intense and painful unwanted thoughts, "mental movies," and questions; how to absorb the positive influences that will support you in your recovery; and a 20-minute guided meditation SPECIFICALLY designed to put the final nail in the coffin of your RJ.

Section VI: Wrapping It All Up

The conclusion to the course will show you how to review and apply everything you've learned; how to maintain your progress and deal with various setbacks and "bumps in the road;" how to make peace with yourself in the wake of your RJ; how to strengthen your relationship and prevent a potential future RJ "relapse;" and how to move forward in a new life and relationship, free from retroactive jealousy.


If you suffer from retroactive jealousy you are not alone.

Hi there! My name is Zach.

... and based on my personal experience overcoming retroactive jealousy, and years of research, I created “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast” with the full knowledge of what it’s like to suffer from RJ.

I remember well how painful and frustrating RJ can feel. And that's why I created this course: to liberate others--people like you--from the hell that is retroactive jealousy.

"Get Over Your Partner's Past Fast" represents the culmination of nearly half a decade of research and experience working with other RJ sufferers, learning what works and what doesn't, how to get results as quickly and painlessly as possible, and discovering how anyone can overcome retroactive jealousy with a persistent work ethic, and the right tools.

This course contains everything I've learned, everything my students have learned, and everything you need to start overcoming retroactive jealousy, and gaining clarity and peace of mind about your partner's past today.



WATCH: Meet George, a former student


Read More Student Success Stories:

"Get Over Your Partner's Past Fast" will help you do exactly what the title says.

I knew I had a problem after the third night in a row of not sleeping due to the crippling thoughts of my wife with a former lover. I made it through the course in 3 days and noticed an immense difference in my ability to block out the mental images, thoughts, and anxiety of my wife's past.

Zachary's insight into RJ is fantastic. His ability to make me realize that everything in my head was my own imagination, and the tools he described to allow me to deal with the thoughts without becoming anxious have been a life saver.

If you, or someone you know is suffering from RJ please get them to take this course. Everyone owes it to themselves to be their best, and overcoming RJ will help someone be their best!


I need to thank you for being a major cog in a wheel that has enabled me to get a lot better very quickly…

I am, as you say in the course, “over" retroactive jealousy.


If you are suffering from retroactive jealousy and have been lucky enough to pinpoint your problem, you have taken the first step.

Zachary's course is the obvious second.

Not only does his course offer valuable advice and ways of thinking to get over this horrible condition, but it also lets you into a community of people that feel your pain - where you can vent, share, and and seek help.

Knowing that there are others out there at various stages - in the midst of it, working hard, or finally finding relief - is really helpful and encouraging to your own progress.


I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who is suffering from retroactive jealousy.

I came across both the course and Zach's website on the internet and I was immediately struck by how different this was to anything I'd found previously. I started with the book which in itself is excellent, but that lead me on to the course which contains a massive amount of useful information and insight.

The course is split into around 30 modules which are generally around 10-15 minutes long but all of which contain useful tools , advice and support. I completed the course quickly but over the following weeks I revisited each module again, often more than once. Each module contains exercises that need to be done for the course to be effective and I am continuing to work on these.

Zach presents each module in a very structured and well thought out way. He talks in plain English and inspires a lot of confidence.

From my own point of view, I often find I feel better simply listening to him speak if I'm having a bad day as I've found it helps me to refocus and push on with dealing with the problem.

I'm not going to say that this course contains some magical cure because that's not what it's about.

What it does contain in spades is a huge amount of empathetic advice and a very effective set of tools to enable you to deal with the issue.

As Zach stresses throughout, however, it is important that you put in the work to get through this.

I'm still working on my own issues but I now feel more empowered to deal with them having taken the course. I would really recommend this to anybody who feels that they are struggling with retroactive jealousy.


You gave me the tools I needed to start moving in the right direction...

I don't know if I can ever say enough about the gratitude I feel for you and the work you have done on this subject. 

All the extras you send have led me to a life with more balance and a greater appreciation for women. So thank you. Thank you for helping me.

Thank you for making me feel like I wasn't crazy or alone.

Thank you for putting in the work to help others.


I am making really great progress and I am in a much better place than I was just a few weeks back.

I am working through the course which is helping greatly and doing my best to practice everything you are outlining.

I still have a bit to go but my jealous thoughts are getting less and less.  They aren't controlling every minute of my day which is a HUGE relief.

I am actually able to happily get on with my day without RJ distracting me ALL the time. 

I am also finding the Facebook group to be of great help! Thanks for everything.


After putting in the work, I am becoming a new woman.

People are noticing. I exude confidence. I still have moments where RJ rears its ugly head but now I can quickly stop it.

My retroactive jealousy was out of control for a decade.

I suffered so deeply for so many years but I believe I will suffer no more. All because of your guidance. My relationship is better but more importantly, I am better. In all honesty, I didn't believe I would ever get better.

But in only about a month, I am a new me.

Thank you. A thousand times over, thank you. 


I don't feel alone, or powerless anymore.

I've ruined my past 3 relationships due to my RJ and the implications I would put on my SO and force them away from me.

I feel like I now have the opportunity to fix myself and to truly improve.

My ex's past was deeply haunting me, every waking moment my heart would ache picturing her with someone else. These problems started to recur with my current girlfriend, not as severe, but enough to cause the odd fight here and there which resulted in her being exhausted with my childish and immature behaviour.

I am now with the girl of my dreams, and I finally feel like I can overcome the problem that kept coming back and ruining my relationships. Thank you for all your help, I seriously cannot thank you enough.


I started the course just over two weeks ago and everything you discussed completely resonated with me.

It felt like you were telling my own story back to me.

Two weeks have passed and I have finished the course with ups and downs along the way… I’m now at a point where I am thinking much less about the past and focusing on the future. Of course there are still thoughts that cross my mind, but now I feel like I am better equipped to manage them.

Once again, thank you for putting this course together, I know that it has helped me immensely and I’m sure will continue to help many more in the coming years.


The help the course has given me, and the hope you instilled in me is priceless.

Thank you for showing me that I have the power to save my relationship, but more importantly, save myself.


Thanks so much for everything – seriously.

I thought I was going nuts.

And I was ruining my relationship. I have an amazing man in my life, and there is no need for my RJ. My jealousy poisons everything that is amazing in our relationship.

I love the course. Any time I feel those crazy thoughts coming into my head I just go and watch a lecture… I almost don't want the course to end too quickly!


I need to thank you because I truly feel like I'm getting over my retroactive jealousy now.

Your course has helped me so much… it literally feels like I'm peeling the jealousy off my consciousness.


I found your course the other day and it spoke to me in a way nothing has in the past 25 years.

It helped tremendously to see that so many others have experienced what I have been living with, and that it isn't that out of the ordinary.

It helped me to see that, even though I know that the problem is mine, it doesn't mean that I am insane or evil or a terrible person or what have you, just that I have a problem I need to take care of…

For the first time I feel hope that this won't be something I will be stuck with until the day I die.

Hope that barely coping, which was all I thought I would ever be able to do, will not be the only way I can deal with this. Hope that I can get past it as you and others have done, and make something more of myself and my life and my relationship. So thank-you.


Zachary, you have changed my life.

You saved me from myself.  I'm so grateful to you and so is my partner. I'm a new woman. So happy, relaxed and feel I can achieve whatever I want. It's like you have read my mind.

Some of the course was a slap in the face, but I needed it and I'm awake now. My partner wants to buy you a beer. You saved us. You saved me.


I wanted to tell you that I am completely healed...

I even make jokes with my girlfriend about her past lovers now.

I must admit that at the beginning I didn’t really trust the promotional video - I am a tough customer - yet I decided to enrol out of desperation. I feel like a new person now. As you said, retroactive jealousy is sometimes actually the “tip of the iceberg,” and I have been able to work on the deepest parts of myself. It may sound like a cliche, but your course has been a path to enlightenment.

I am very grateful to you and I hope you will keep the flame alive.


I know its barely been any time, but I feel like my old self again.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I've been meditating, working out, eating right, and working through the exercises. 

What's more, I felt myself slip into a dark mood on Monday, and I OVERCAME it!!! In the same day. Without talking to my partner. Wow.

And I know that its working, because already my relationship has changed. Things feel so relaxed between us, and I can really feel the attraction naturally flowing between us in a lovely way. I just feel so much relief.


I've started your program and I am already seeing results.

I'm doing great this week. One of the best weeks I've had in months.

My triggers are getting less and less prominent and the length of anxiety when the triggers do get to me is much shorter. The anxiety used to ruin my day but i am feeling much stronger and more in control of my mind.

I'm not very far into the program but I have been working on the mindfulness and being in the present moment and not thinking into everything. It's working great. Thank you so much for your program. I know by the end of this I will be RJ free.


This course has impacted my life on a profound level.

I always knew I had jealousy issues, however, I did not know there was a name for it and that many other people suffered from the exact same thing.

The course itself has completely changed my outlook on jealousy and life in general.

I have also found great relief being a part of the support group. Being able to interact with others going through the same issue has been very liberating. Hearing their stories, many similar to your own and also hearing from people that have conquered their jealousy issues is very helpful in my personal growth and self security.

Overall I recommend this course to any and everyone who suffers from retroactive jealousy. I don't believe a better program exists!


As long as you follow the exercises and do exactly as Zach lays out for you in simple steps, you will beat RJ.

My RJ hit me like a ton of bricks one day and gradually got worse to the point I could no longer function on a day to day basis.

I couldn't eat, sleep or work. I thought the only way out of this hell was to break off my relationship and start a new one, making sure I knew nothing of her past, not a very realistic goal considering the age we live in with Facebook, Twitter, texting etc...

I decided to change who I was and hold on to my current girlfriend, but I needed to change the way I thought and process emotions. That's where Zach's course came in.

I haven't even changed who I am, just challenging my insecurities was enough to get the ball rolling...

I can now empty my mind completely and bring myself to the present moment. I can now observe feelings and thoughts and let them pass without having any emotional connection to them, rather than letting them rule my life like they used to only a few weeks ago.

I can guarantee that my RJ was worse than most, and yet today I can look back at myself only a short few weeks ago and laugh at the some of the things I used to freak out about.

This is the best online course you will ever find if you suffer from retroactive jealousy, and the private Facebook group Zach has set up for fellow students is really helpful.

I cannot speak highly enough of this course, it saved my relationship and how I go about life in general now is much healthier.

Thank you Zach for changing my life 🙂


This course and the online community which accompanied it has made a big impact on my life.

I lived for years with these intense feelings of jealousy and of being bothered by my partner's past and feeling misunderstood and lost. Until I found this course.

Zach's demeanour is so relatable, he is an ally, and he shares his personal experience. I highly recommend this course.


If you are experiencing obsessive jealous thoughts about your partner's past then you really have come to the right place.

This is an amazing course and has helped me and others so much. I still haven't finished the course yet but it really has set my mind in the right direction.

The course will really help you understand about living in the present moment. You will learn different techniques and you will be able to get yourself out of the same pointless loop of obsessive thoughts that your mind tries to focus on.

You will begin to understand the thoughts are completely irrational and once you do you really are on the road the recovery.

You've just got to keep training your mind to be present and not allow it to drift back to things that do not matter or exist anymore. Zachary shows you many ways to do this.

Highly recommend this course, and worth every single penny if you are serious about overcoming your partners past.

Thank you Zach!


Over 700 Students from over 20 Different Countries (So Far!)

Rated 4.7 stars out of 5 on average


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RECAP: Included in "Get Over Your Partner's Past Fast" is...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • q-icon“I’m not great with technology. How do I access the videos after I sign up?”

    Immediately after your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email with a link and login details. Create your account, and you’ll be on your way in less than 30 seconds.
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  • q-icon“Are there ‘triggers’ in your course? Is it possible that learning more about retroactive jealousy will make things worse for me?”

    To date, over 700 students have been through my course. And not one—zero, zip, zilch, nada—has ever told me that the course “triggered” more mental movies or anxiety. Not one. Which makes sense…
    Remember—I’ve been there. I remember how easy it used to be for me to get triggered.  So over the years I’ve designed and refined the course to avoid all potential “triggers,” and focus on the solution—rather than the problem itself.
  • q-icon“It’s tough to admit that I need an online course to help me solve this problem…”

    I get it. Back when I suffered from RJ, I was embarrassed to seek help for a long time. But I don’t think you or I should ever feel ashamed about taking action, and finding a solution to a problem. My course will take some effort on your part, and it won’t miraculously cure you overnight. It’ll take a bit of time, dedication, and effort—but the payoff is so, so worth it.
  • q-icon“How long will it take for the course to 'work' for me?”

    That depends almost entirely on the amount of work you’re willing to put in, and how seriously you take this problem.

    I can’t promise you an “overnight cure” because an “overnight cure” for retroactive jealousy doesn’t exist. You absolutely have to put in some work. What I can tell you, however, is that when they take the work seriously, and complete all of the exercises, most students going through the course start seeing major improvements in a very short period of time.

  • q-icon“In the course, you’re not going to tell me ‘the past is the past, just get over it,’ are you?”

    Ha. No.  (I remember how annoying and unhelpful that “advice” used to be back when I suffered from RJ.)
    The course is focused on solutions for retroactive jealousy—practical, implementable, actionable solutions. I do share research and theory about psychology, personal development, etc. but the “meat” of the course is in the practical exercises, behavioural therapy techniques, mindfulness practices, and brain “re-wiring” exercises. And hundreds of students have found this step-by-step program very, very helpful.
  • q-icon"Can't I just read your blog or guidebook?"

    This course is specifically designed to maximize your results through a time-tested, student-approved step-by-step program you won’t find anywhere else.

    “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast” represents the culmination of my work on retroactive jealousy, and is (I’m not too humble to tell you) the most comprehensive, user-tested, and effective step-by-step resource available to help you overcome retroactive jealousy.

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    Just send me an email within 60 days of your purchase, and I’ll refund 100% of your money. Just like that, no questions asked. I don’t want anyone to feel “pressured” into joining my course—that’s why I’m making this offer totally risk-free for you.

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