In today’s video, I had an inspiring conversation with Toni, a retroactive jealousy survivor.

Read or watch below to hear Toni’s retroactive jealousy testimonial, and how he finally got freedom from retroactive jealousy with the help of my online course, “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast.”

Zachary: Okay, well, once again Toni, I wanted to thank you for making time for me today. I really appreciate it.

Toni: My pleasure, honestly. Nice to meet you.

Zachary: Maybe to get started, you could tell me a little bit about your experience of retroactive jealousy. Where you were at with retroactive jealousy before you found my course, “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast?”

Toni: It’s a long story, indeed. Now, I’m almost 32. But it started in my first relationship when I was a teenager. I couldn’t understand the reasons, but I was not capable of understanding that she could be with another person before me. And that feeling and those mental movies about my girlfriend being with another guy, that kind of anxiety pushing up, that was very bad. So we had a long relationship; it lasted for six years and it probably ended mainly for this reason.

Then I had a second relationship and I was a very different person. But one day when we were in bed, she gave me a compliment, somehow comparing me with her ex-boyfriend, and that wasn’t a good thing for me. I got into the loop again, like very, very strong, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, and I said, “Why is this happening?” I couldn’t understand. And I started to say, “Listen, I don’t understand why, but I can’t understand your past, even if I have my own past”. But I couldn’t find a solution, I didn’t focus on the problem.

freedom from retroactive jealousy

That was around five to six years ago. I had a very nice moment being single, like for four years, approximately…

I started surfing, I started traveling, I opened my mind. I dated other girls, and then I met my current girlfriend, and I was feeling “Now for sure, (retroactive jealousy) it doesn’t make any sense. I have more money, I love surfing, I have my hobbies. I’m feeling very good about my looks, everything was fine, so it makes no sense at all.”

But of course, (retroactive jealousy) came again. And I remember one morning, I was surfing and I was starting to think, “Okay, I known this girl for a few months ago. I don’t know anything about her past, I guess I need to know,” and that loop and I said, “No, please, not again”. And I remember perfectly going out of the water and starting with my laptop, looking for retroactive jealousy, and the very first I saw in Google, it was you.

I started looking at your videos and I said, “God! Something resonates with me!” And that was one of the best moments I remember.

Zachary:  What was the moment that pushed you over the edge and finally made you decide to commit to investing in my course, “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast,” and saying, “I need to get this solved now.”

Toni: Probably, just at the moment when I saw that you had a course because I was looking at your free videos on YouTube and I said, “That’s me. This guy knows exactly what it’s happening to me”.

So when I saw the course and I saw the price, even for a Spanish guy it was okay, I said, “Absolutely” I mean, no doubts that this is for me.

From that moment, I started a journey that I thought would be longer, but it’s just one year ago… and today, it’s like 90-95% of the time, I don’t even think about retroactive jealousy anymore. And if I think about it, I know how to deviate the attention, the focus, to not lose time, and to not lose energy on that.

Zachary: Just maybe say a little more about how you feel now, after going through the course, as compared to before you found the course?

Toni: For me, your course makes two very important points. In the beginning, it brings you an emotional shelter, somewhere where you feel comfortable and calm, from where to start building your strength to face the reality. And the second thing (your course) offers, which I think is so important, is that it brings you new perspectives. Slowly, it starts giving you new perspectives about how to see the things that happen in your relationship and in your life.

And yes, your course is a great help for that, refocusing a little bit on your perspective.

Zachary: I see you’re looking at your notes. You’re the first testimonial person I’ve had who has prepared notes. I appreciate the preparation, that’s great. But continue on, I interrupted you…

Toni: No, because I guess this is very important for some people. I remember when I was looking at your videos about success cases, and I said, “God, I will not be that guy.” And I said, “Okay, now I can be that guy.” I want to help the most I can. I feel free, I feel capable. It changed my life, absolutely. And thanks to the holistic approach that you gave in your course. I mean, I would pay 10 times what I paid for that course.

freedom from retroactive jealousy

Zachary: Beautiful, that’s great. Thanks again for doing this, Toni. My final question to you is, what is your message to anyone watching this right now who’s in the trenches with retroactive jealousy, who’s really struggling, who’s on the fence about signing up for my course?

Toni: I think that the course is a must-do.

If you suffer from this problem, the course is a must. You need that refocusing. First, to understand other things about this retroactive jealousy, I would say, stop talking. “Stop talking,” as the course says, don’t ask questions.

And the last thing, as you ask for one thing, but three things I would say for the people. It’s a gift. It’s really a gift to have retroactive jealousy. I read somewhere that you cannot open your eyes in life, in a spiritual way if you don’t have a crisis if you don’t suffer very hard for something.

Some people suffer from cancer, some people suffer mentally. And once you realize that, and start working to overcome it, and then you get the results of that, and you open your eyes, you say, “Thank God, this happened to me. Now I can be the person I really wanted to be.”

So yes, do it, you have to do it. You have to find a safe place. And Zach has the perfect course that you can find. I’m absolutely convinced. Stop talking and think that this is a gift for your life.

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Zachary Stockill
Zachary Stockill

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