Volume 1. Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy:

The Guided Meditations

Introducing the world’s first guided meditation program designed specifically to help listeners successfully confront and overcome retroactive jealousy.

Borrowing ancient techniques from Buddhist and Stoic philosophy, and cutting-edge cognitive behavioural therapy, these guided meditations will speak directly to your subconscious, helping to eradicate retroactive jealousy from deep within over time.

Based on 15 years of meditation practice and study, and 8 years of in-depth research and one-on-one coaching with hundreds of retroactive jealousy sufferers, ORJ: The Guided Meditations was designed to be the most effective “ready-at-all-times” tool in any RJ sufferer’s arsenal.

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Volume 2. Beyond Retroactive Jealousy:

More Guided Meditations

Beyond Retroactive Jealousy: More Guided Meditations is an all-new audio series of downloadable guided meditation recordings specifically designed for men and women on the path toward overcoming retroactive jealousy.

After countless positive reviews from RJ sufferers from around the world, this new series is the sequel to my previously-released guided meditation series, Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy.

In this new series, I explore a range of themes and topics chosen to help you quickly recover from a “bump in the road” whenever you need to.

Beyond Retroactive Jealousy helps retroactive jealousy sufferers maintain their progress, clarity and peace of mind through a series of simple, time-tested, and fast-acting guided meditation exercises.

This audio series will give you all the tools you need for repairing the damage caused by retroactive jealousy, and rebuilding your life and relationship in its wake.

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