In today’s video, I share a conversation with Johnny, a recent graduate of my “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast” online course.

Read or watch below to learn how Johnny beat retroactive jealousy.

Zachary: First off, once again, Johnny, thanks a lot for making time for me today.

Johnny: You’re very welcome. Thank you. I mean, everything you’ve done for me, this is the least I can do. So happy to help out.

Zachary: Thanks. That’s great. So Johnny, could you start by just telling me a little bit about how you beat retroactive jealousy. Where were you at with retroactive jealousy before you invested in my course?

Johnny: Sure. So I had retroactive jealousy, and like a big chunk of the population, didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was just my personality, just something I had to deal with… Didn’t even know there was a name for it.

And I had quite a few girlfriends. But the only time I really suffered from retroactive jealousy was when we were getting serious. And then all of a sudden, whether it was the insecurity or the anger, then I kind of took a look at myself and realized what was happening. I think I actually used retroactive jealousy as a kind of weapon; like I had this weird commitment issue.

how Johnny beat retroactive jealousy

And so I actually used retroactive jealousy as my way out. It was pretty bad with two of my exes.

But yeah, basically, when the M word, marriage, was brought up, then all of a sudden, “oh, wait, is your past a dealbreaker? Can I really commit to someone who, I know all these details from?”

I knew a lot of stuff when we first started dating. And I was not only not bothered by it, but I was also okay with it. Because it showed that she had experience, she kind of knew what she was doing, what she liked, what she didn’t like… But then all of a sudden, a couple of years later, and we start to get serious, and “Well, wait a minute here…” And that’s when it got really bad.

Zachary: And how did this manifest for you? What were some of the symptoms that you experienced?

Johnny: I did a lot of asking the questions. I did the social media stalking of the exes. Things like that; kind of the typical compulsions. And then we’d have fights because, all of a sudden, something she told me didn’t exactly match up with what she had said. And it was one of those misremembering occurrences, as opposed to a lie.

But in my mind, it was just a bullet in my arsenal to get out of the relationship.

And to try and protect myself against it [retroactive jealousy].

Zachary: Sure. And what were some of the things that you tried before you found my work to solve this problem?

Johnny: So before a couple of months ago, nothing. I broke up with the one girl–we found out that it just wasn’t meant to be. And then a couple of months ago, I actually ran across somebody else’s course, some videos on YouTube. And he mentioned you and so I had to check you out. I compiled a playlist of 256 of your videos, watched them.

Zachary: Wow! That’s quite a playlist.

Johnny: Well, I was determined to beat this because I realized that it was something that people suffered from. I was determined to do it. And so yeah, 256 videos, I have 120 pages of notes that I’ve taken on those videos, then I read your book. And then I bought the course. So it was just kind of adding to the arsenal of beating retroactive jealousy.

Zachary: That’s great. And what made you take that final leap of faith and decide to invest in the course?

Johnny: It was just a matter of seeing progress with the free videos and the book, and it was getting better, but it wasn’t where I wanted it.

I just realized that your course offers what your YouTube videos don’t and your book doesn’t. So compiling all that, it’s just too strong of a weapon to have against retroactive jealousy.

So once I made up my mind that this is a real thing, and I can beat it, it’s just a matter of taking the steps to beat it, no matter how long it’s going to take.

Zachary: Absolutely. And how would you compare your feelings today to before you found my course?

Johnny: So, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the UFC or any kind of mixed martial arts? So I think of retroactive jealousy as Brock Lesnar; just this big what-have-you. And before I took the course, before I started looking at the videos, my job was to get in the cage with him and fight themhim I don’t stand much of a chance right, but I’m going to put ‘it’em up…

Retroactive jealousy, just this big monster just taking control over me, all that kind of stuff.

Not much I can do, but I’m going to show up.

After the course after the book, retroactive jealousy is still a beast. But right now all Brock Lesnar is doing is ringing the doorbell. It’s just an annoyance every, maybe, week to 10 days. I get what you have referred to as those little pings. And it is just a couple of seconds, not even a minute, where I’m like, “Ah, someone’s ringing the doorbell. That’s annoying. But it’s not beating me up in the cage. It’s not ruining my night. It’s not making me go and ask the questions.” So it’s just one of those acknowledgments… “Yes, someone’s ringing the doorbell,” and then moving on. So it is night and day.

Zachary: That’s great. So would you say it’s fair to say you were like a ’10/10′ with retroactive jealousy before you found the course?

Johnny: Easily.

Zachary: What are you at today?

Johnny: I would say a 0.5. I mean, it’s one of those things where I acknowledge it, I deal with it. It’s not ruining my life. It’s not ruining my relationship. So I let it be.

Zachary: And you only signed up for the course a short while ago. How long ago was it?

Johnny: I want to say early January.

Zachary: And we’re now on February 1. So wow. That’s only a month. That’s fantastic to hear. This is how Johnny beat retroactive jealousy. Great.

So my final question to you is,

This is how Johnny beat retroactive jealousy. So Johnny, what would you tell anyone who’s on the fence about joining my course?

Johnny: As I enrolled in your course, I found out that a couple of my friends actually suffer from retroactive jealousy. They had no idea what it was. And I told them about your videos, and they’ve actually started watching him, then I told him about your book. I’m telling him to get your course because it is just this progressive step of using all the resources out there. And I think you’ll have a couple more customers soon because it is just one of those things where…

If you’re as bad as I was, and as my friends seem to be, then getting the course is going to knock [retroactive jealousy] out.

Zachary: That’s great. That’s all I have for you, Johnny. That’s fantastic. Unless there’s anything more that you felt like you wanted to say or add.

Johnny: No, I just want to thank you for your work. I mean, it’s helped so many people and myself included, and you just can’t put a price on that.

So if anybody is on the fence, keep watching the videos, buy the book, buy the course, and support this fight against RJ.

Click here to join Johnny and thousands of other retroactive jealousy success cases, and learn more about “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast.”

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