One of the most enjoyable parts of being an author is connecting with others with similar missions in life.

I recently appeared on Andrew Ferebee’s wonderful Knowledge for Men Podcast to talk jealousy, relationships, and more.

During the near hour-long interview, we discussed retroactive jealousy, my journey toward overcoming it, how to interpret more “normal’ jealousy in relationships, how men can improve their intimate relationships, my top-3 book recommendations, and much more.

From Knowledge for Men:

Key Points from the Interview

1. Generosity without Expectation is Sexy 

There is a lot of focus in the modern “pick up” and dating advice world on making sure that you are always giving less in your relationships than you are receiving.

While this advice may have some foundation if you are looking for nothing other than a one-night stand or a slew of unfulfilling sexual experiences, it holds no water if you are looking for fulfillment in relationships.

If you want to have the most fulfilling relationships possible, you need to give love without expectation.

That is the key.

Give and don’t expect anything in return. Give because you want to, not because you are expecting sex or love to be reciprocated.

2. Tell Your Truth No Matter What 

If you are struggling in your relationships, odds are, you are withholding your truth from your woman.

You need to open up, tell her the truth, be honest with her without fear of outcome and without any neediness from her.

This is the only way that you can overcome issues together and break through jealousy…

I recorded this interview around 2 AM Thailand time, so toward the end of the interview the conversation veered into a little more spaced-out, late night territory. Maybe the most fun I’ve had on a podcast so far.

I hope you enjoy.

Click below to listen to the podcast:

Also available via iTunes, episode #295

Zachary Stockill
Zachary Stockill

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