In today’s video, I’m going to tell you how mindfulness for 5 minutes a day will help you start beating retroactive jealousy.

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Zachary Stockill: In today’s video, I’m going to tell you how just five minutes a day can start helping you beat retroactive jealousy. 

I just had a coaching call this morning with a retroactive jealousy sufferer. And we were talking about meditation, which is something I talk about on this channel a lot.

I’ve done several audio series of guided meditations designed specifically for retroactive jealousy sufferers. Obviously, meditation is a big interest of mine. And the topic of meditation came up in my coaching call this morning. 

My client told me that the reason he hasn’t started meditating is that he lacks time. He says he works a very busy job, he has a family, his wife, you know, all these things. And he doesn’t have several hours a day to start meditating. And what I realized talking to my client this morning, and what I’ve realized receiving many emails over the years, is that..

There’s this misconception out there that in order to meditate properly, you need to spare at least two hours a day, 

And I wanted to create this video to emphasize the point that that way of thinking is wrong. And you can start meditating with just five minutes a day. 

This raises an obvious question, especially for people who are maybe new to my work or new to this channel. Why is this guy talking about meditation and mindfulness in the context of retroactive jealousy?

I will spare you my hour-long sermon on the benefits of meditation. I will spare you my hour-long sermon on my own personal experience of meditation and how much it’s benefited my life. The long and short of it is: cultivating a basic meditation routine will help you overcome retroactive jealousy.

On its own, it’s not going to do all the work for you. It’s not going to miraculously cure your problem overnight. 

Most of my former clients have found mindfulness extremely helpful in the context of overcoming retroactive jealousy. 

I base this on literally thousands of students in my online courses over the years. Hundreds of one on one coaching clients over 10 years of doing this work. I know what I’m talking about.

And if you are struggling with retroactive jealousy, I can just about promise you that you will find meditation helpful.

This brings us back to five minutes a day. Even if you are an extremely busy person, you have five minutes, you have 10 minutes, you probably have 20 minutes a day that you spend scrolling on your phone, or watching YouTube or whatever…

mindfulness for retroactive jealousy

You probably have at least a little bit of free time every day, in which you can start some kind of very basic, very simple breathwork or mindfulness routine. 

And over time, benefits will accrue gradually. 

So if you want to get a six-pack, and you go work out at the gym for an hour, obviously, you’re not going to wake up the next morning with a six-pack. And I speak from personal experience: it doesn’t work that way. 

But if you stay consistent in going to the gym over and over and over again, and you gradually build up your practice, you don’t go crazy at the beginning and burn yourself out… You gradually work your way up into a more and more strenuous routine, a little bit more time spent… If you approach it that way, it’s much more likely for this new habit to be sustainable over the long term. 

And furthermore, the benefits will accrue gradually over time without you even necessarily realizing it all at once. And meditation and building up a meditation routine works in a very similar way. 

So maybe for the first six months, you only meditate for five minutes a day. That’s fantastic. If you’re consistent with five minutes a day, that is a great, great starting point. 

mindfulness for retroactive jealousy

Maybe in six months, you bump it up to seven minutes a day. Perhaps two years from now, you go crazy, and start doing 10 minutes a day.

You might think this isn’t enough time to experience real change or real differences. And obviously, a little bit more than five minutes is going to be a little bit more helpful. 

But even five minutes will help. You can use an app on your phone. You can use my guided meditations, you can use whatever you want.

The point is it has to be something that’s sustainable over the long term. And if five minutes a day is the only thing that’s going to be sustainable for you to start with, then five minutes a day it is. 

Meditation is one of those things where something is always better than nothing

So if you’ve been putting off starting any kind of mindfulness or meditation routine, remember: everyone has five minutes.

And if you’re a retroactive jealousy sufferer in particular, not only should you take five minutes a day to try some kind of mindfulness practice, I think you have to if you want to be serious about overcoming this problem as soon as possible. 

If you want more information about meditation, please note that I’ve created two guided meditation series designed specifically for retroactive jealousy sufferers.

Volume One is called Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: The Guided Meditations.

Volume Two is for more advanced meditators and people in the advanced stages of recovery from retroactive jealousy. It is called Beyond Retroactive Jealousy. Many people have found these series extremely helpful.

If you are currently struggling with retroactive jealousy, you can click here to sign up for a free four-part mini-course that will help you get started.

Zachary Stockill
Zachary Stockill

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