VIDEO 2/4: "You Are NOT Your Thoughts (Try This...)"

Learn a simple and effective "re-labeling" habit you can start right now

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  • VIDEO 1: "The Crucial First Steps"

    To get you started immediately, take these three “baby steps” toward overcoming RJ, and gaining clarity and peace of mind about your partner’s past.

  • WATCHING: "You Are NOT Your Thoughts" (Try This!)

    In this free preview of my “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast” premium course, learn a simple and effective technique for dealing with unwanted thoughts and curiosity.

  • SOON: "Using Mindfulness To 'Hack' Your Brain"

    In this short video, discover an ancient practice for blocking “mental movies” and unwanted thoughts, and “re-wiring” your brain to overcome RJ.

  • LATER THIS WEEK: "Your Retroactive Jealousy 'Cheat-Sheet' And Our Community"

    Coming to your inbox soon: bring together everything you’ve learned, and discover a concrete plan of action moving forward and overcoming RJ for good.

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