Nothing makes my day more than hearing another retroactive jealousy course review from one of my students.

In today’s video, I spoke with a former student named Landon, and talked about how he got over retroactive jealousy with my flagship online course, “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast.” Read or listen to Landon’s retroactive jealousy course review below:

Zachary:  So Landon, first off, thanks for doing this. And could you just tell me a little bit about where you were at with retroactive jealousy before you found my course?

Landon:  Yeah, well, I mean, I didn’t really know [the term “retroactive jealousy”] existed until I Googled around for hours.

Basically, I found a new girlfriend and everything was going great. And all of a sudden, we started kind of asking questions about her past. And previous to this, I was in a relationship for, like, 10 years. So, I mean, I was pretty secluded for the most part. 

But she obviously had a little bit more of an experienced past. And I didn’t know how to react to her, just some of her responses to things. 

So I started Googling, like, why am I so interested in her past? Like, why am I experiencing these problems? And honestly, this course “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast” was probably one of the first things that popped up. 

And it was almost a relief, in a sense, that I wasn’t going crazy. 

Because I was just like, ruminating and like the things going on in my head.. I thought I was literally going crazy. Then I stumbled across your course.

And I didn’t buy it at first, but I just watched some of the YouTube videos and just started kind of piecing things together. Like, “Okay, well, maybe I should invest in this, you know. Just try to figure things out.”

Zachary: And when you were really struggling before you found the course, like, what were some of the things that you were doing? You mentioned that you were ruminating a lot. How else did retroactive jealousy manifest for you?

Landon:  The biggest thing for me as you mentioned in the course was the mental movies, it was horrible. 

I honestly remember waking up and just getting this pit in my stomach…

And it was to the point where I was like, “Oh, my God, I have to go through a day again… Just constantly ruminating…”

I’d go 10, 15, 20 minutes and things would be good. Then all of a sudden, I get that “pit” in my stomach. And I would just start getting the mental movies and the images.

You think you’re going crazy.

retroactive jealousy course review

Zachary: Were you ever afraid that your relationship was going to end because of your retroactive jealousy?

Landon: Yeah, 100%. Before finding the course… I mentioned us talking about our past, and for lack of a better term, hers was more “colorful” than mine. I was like, “Well, I don’t know how I can stay with a girl that has had this type of past…

But previous to having this onset of retroactive jealousy. You talked about this in the course as well, putting her on a pedestal, like…

I thought she was the world’s best human. Like, she was just the most amazing human ever. 

Then all of a sudden, these stories that she’s been telling just started hitting me like a ton of bricks, and I didn’t really know what to do.

I thought about a few times before finding this course, I’m like, “well, I just can’t stay with her…”

But again, working through the course and trying to finally figure out these thoughts… everything worked out.

Zachary: What made you take the leap of faith and invest in the course?

Landon: I think the main thing was, I tried to find just free tutorials and stuff like that online.

And like others on YouTube, and Instagram… people can kind of “talk the talk,” but can they “walk the walk?”

After reading some of the reviews and testimonials from your course, and just how in-depth things got… 

It’s not even that much money, like a cup of coffee every day. So it was definitely worth it.

Because within, I would say, four to six months. I mean, everything felt almost a thousand times better.

Zachary: That’s fantastic. I was going to ask you, how would you compare your feelings now, compared to before you found the course?

Landon: Honestly, now I laugh at myself. Like, just in a very weird, weird way. I don’t know.

I think about how it was feeling before. And now I’m like, “Oh, you idiot. You have to get past these thoughts.”

At the end of the day, when I was in the deepest trench, it was like, “just get me out of here.”

But now I’m kind of floating on cloud nine, and everything’s going well with my relationship. 

I can just kind of sit back and enjoy what I thought I couldn’t have… we’ll say, a year ago.

retroactive jealousy course review

Zachary: That’s fantastic. Landon. I’m so glad to hear that. And my last question for you. What would you tell anyone who’s on the fence about signing up for my retroactive jealousy course?

Landon: I would say if you want to not only better your relationship, but if you want to just… I mean, better your life in total…

As much as it is about retroactive jealousy, I think it’s more so about finding your true self. This program goes so much deeper than just trying to get over jealous thoughts.

I think I’ve learned so much more about myself. It was more of like a soul-searching mission. 

I think I did the course twice. The second time I did it a lot more in-depth, and it was honestly a life-changing experience.

In my genuine review, I would recommend this retroactive jealousy course to anyone, 100%.

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