Where To Start With My Work:

Please watch the short video above for a brief overview of my main retroactive jealousy products and services.

“Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast” is my flagship online course for overcoming intrusive thoughts and/or obsessive curiosity about a partner’s past relationships/dating history.

The course has helped thousands of men and women from around the world beat retroactive jealousy for good, and has been described by many as “the ultimate resource” for healing from RJ.

If you’ve been struggling with retroactive jealousy, you’ve had enough, and you’re looking for the best resource to help you start healing ASAP, this is it.

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Online Courses

Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy online course

Since 2014, I’ve created several online video courses on topics relating to retroactive jealousy, jealousy, and relationships.

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One-on-One Coaching

Since 2013, I’ve hosted hundreds of one-on-one coaching calls with retroactive jealousy survivors from around the world.

My coaching emphasizes a holistic approach to healing from retroactive jealousy, and has helped hundreds of clients achieve some remarkable results.

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I’ve published several books on topics relating to retroactive jealousy, jealousy, and relationships, resulting in hundreds of 5-star ratings from readers across the Amazon network.

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Guided Meditations/Audio Programs

guided meditations for retroactive jealousy

In 2021, I published two guided meditation programs designed specifically to help listeners successfully confront and overcome retroactive jealousy.

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