Today I’m so excited to announce my all-new video masterclass for beating retroactive jealousy, “The Path to Peace.”

“The Path to Peace” is for anyone struggling with the question of whether or not their retroactive jealousy is mostly irrational or rational.

In other words, this course is for retroactive jealousy sufferers who have questions, often legitimate questions, about their partner’s values, about their compatibility with their partner, and about whether or not they should continue in their current relationship.

Zachary Stockill: I want to make it clear that not every retroactive jealousy sufferer has these questions about values and compatibility.

For a lot of retroactive jealousy sufferers, they’re simply plagued by endless, intrusive thoughts about their partner’s past. But they know that their partner’s past is not actually a “deal breaker,” shall we say. They have relative clarity that their partner shares their values. There are no real red flags in their partner’s past.

This all-new master class, “The Path to Peace,” is for people who have those questions about whether or not their partner shares their values, about whether or not they’re in the right relationship to begin with, and about whether or not they should break up with their partner and move on, or whether they should continue in their current relationship, while at the same time working to overcome irrational retroactive jealousy.

After you complete “The Path to Peace,” you will have greater clarity about whether or not to stay in your relationship, whether or not your partner’s past is actually a deal breaker, and whether or not your partner shares your values.

And overall, after you go through this course, you’ll have far greater clarity and peace of mind regarding the whole question of whether or not your retroactive jealousy is mostly irrational or rational. You’ll be able to think more clearly and you’ll be able to make decisions about the future or not of your relationship with a much clearer head.

the path to peace

And crucially, this unique masterclass will help you get peace of mind and clarity without spending thousands of dollars on therapy, without wasting hundreds of hours or maybe even thousands of hours in therapy spinning your wheels in the mud.

Of course, therapy can be very helpful. And if you feel like you need a therapist, please consult a registered mental health professional in your area as soon as possible. However, that might not be the best choice for everyone.

Hence, “The Path to Peace.”

And in case you didn’t know who I am, my name is Zachary Stockill. And for over ten years now, I’ve been coaching people, one on one, and helping them work through many of the questions that we’re going to talk about in “The Path to Peace.”

At this point, I’ve been on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of coaching calls with men and women from all over the world, men and women who have questions like:

Is my partner’s past a deal breaker?

What are genuine red flags and what is irrational retroactive jealousy?

Am I in the right relationship?

Does my partner share my values or would I be better served moving on and finding someone with whom I’m more compatible?

So this masterclass was based in large part on over ten years of these lessons and these hundreds of coaching calls, trying to help people get to the bottom of these questions for themselves. It’s all based on that. So I think you’ll find it very useful.

Above all, before we get started, I’ll just remind you one more time: if you take the necessary steps, good things will come.

So without any further ado, I hope you benefit and enjoy going through “The Path to Peace.”

Click here to learn more about my all-new video masterclass, “The Path to Peace.”

Zachary Stockill
Zachary Stockill

Hi! I'm a Canadian author and educator whose work has been featured in BBC News, BBC Radio 4, The Huffington Post, and many other publications. I'm the founder of, the author of Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy and The Overcoming Jealousy Workbook, and the host of Humans in Love podcast.