Meet (another!) Zachary–a US Air Force veteran just two and a half weeks into my online course, “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast.”

Zachary is currently one of the most active and supportive members of our secret Facebook group for past and current students.

After he started posting in our group, I knew I had to make a video where Zachary could share his story.

As he told me in a recent call, Zachary knew he needed help when he found himself crying into his pillow one day as a result of relentless, intrusive thoughts and “mental movies” about his girlfriend’s past.

A story that probably sounds uncomfortably familiar to many retroactive jealousy sufferers.

In his own words:

[I was] having visions, and movies, and images and thinking about her exes non-stop… And I was looking for a spot in the airport to go cry. Because I couldn’t control my thoughts.

And that’s when I decided–this is it. I obviously don’t have a handle on this… And that’s what forced me to order the course.

I finished the course in a week and a half. It was instant help… There’s a huge difference now… You gave me the tools to fix this.

Listen to Zachary tell his story below:

Zachary’s tale of rapid transformation is remarkable.

And even more evidence that anyone can overcome retroactive jealousy with the right tools, work ethic, and determination.

So let me ask you:

Are you ready to overcome retroactive jealousy, and experience the life and relationship you deserve?

Click here to join Zachary, myself, and over 1000 retroactive jealousy success stories from around the world in my online course, “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast.”

Zachary Stockill
Zachary Stockill

Hi! I'm a Canadian author and educator whose work has been featured in BBC News, BBC Radio 4, The Huffington Post, and many other publications. I'm the founder of, the author of Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy and The Overcoming Jealousy Workbook, and the host of Humans in Love podcast.