In today’s video, I’m going to tell you what to do if you’re struggling with retroactive jealousy, obsessive jealousy, or any other kind of emotional/ psychological problem.

So, how to cure retroactive jealousy?

Zachary Stockill: I saw a video recently posted by a well-known dating coach named Dr. David Tian. I did an interview with him for my podcast a couple of years ago. He’s a dating coach for men.

So basically men go to him to learn how to become better with women, often virgins. People with no experience, go to him looking for advice and guidance, to have better relationships with women.

In the video, he was talking about how a lot of guys come to him looking for what he calls just the tips. It’s the tip, which I thought was kind of funny, and I can certainly relate. In other words, people come to him looking for a quick fix. The overnight hack, on what to do with women. How they can get a date without addressing the core root of their problem.

How can we really cure retroactive jealousy?

I have a little bit of experience in this area as well. I offer coaching for men as well as retroactive jealousy coaching. One of the hats that I’ve worn over the years as I try to help men have better relationships with women

There’s a lot of surface-level tips, advice, techniques, tactics that you can suggest to men who are struggling with women. That will absolutely help and that will get them very quick results.

How to Cure Retroactive Jealousy

You can look at a guy, he can tell you about his life. He can tell you about some of the results that he’s been getting in his dating life. However, once he gets the date, once he starts having some success with women, that doesn’t solve the core issues that probably need to be addressed. He’s getting just the tips.

Tips can absolutely be valuable, whether it comes to overcoming jealousy, overcoming retroactive jealousy, or getting a date.

But unless you investigate the core issues, the fundamental roots of your problem, you’re going to be spinning your wheels in the mud over and over and over for many years. And while you might have some surface-level success, the core root of your problem is never going to be solved. And thus, you’re never actually going to solve your problem over the long term.

To give an example, if you go on my YouTube channel, you can find all kinds of tips, tricks, tactics, and exercises that will absolutely help you start overcoming retroactive jealousy. That stuff is absolutely going to make a difference. But unless you investigate the core issues, your core insecurity, all these things need to be addressed at the same time as just the tips.

So what should you do if you’re looking to get started overcoming retroactive jealousy, if you’re looking for solutions?

My general advice is to incorporate everything that works. Experiment, try different things out. And if it works great, incorporate that into your life and into your daily routine. Take bits of knowledge wherever you can get them. Whether you want to invest in my course or book or not is totally beside the point.

Incorporate whatever works, this is how you can cure retroactive jealousy, but at the same time, as you’re incorporating tips, tricks, little exercises, be sure you’re doing some kind of deeper excavation as well.

Because if the house of your recovery is built on a shaky foundation, eventually that house will fall apart. So continue to do some deeper investigations of your psyche. You can work with a therapist or a coach, take an online course, read a book.

How to Cure Retroactive Jealousy

Don’t rely on anyone’s trick, or one tip or one exercise that’s going to solve your problem overnight. You’re never gonna have to worry about it anymore.

All these things can be so valuable, but make sure that you’re doing some of the deeper necessary work as well.

There’s a reason my introductory online course, Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast, has expanded to 10 or maybe 12 hours at this point.

Retroactive jealousy is a pretty complicated issue. There requires some pretty deep excavation on the part of the suffering, clearing out and exposing some bits of your subconscious that maybe you’re not even aware of going into your background.

A little bit going into your previous relationship experiences, going a little bit into perhaps your relationship with your parents.

It isn’t always necessary, but more often than not to solve this issue for good. It’s going to require a bit of heavy lifting, a bit of serious work. And I encourage you to do that rather than looking for just the tips.

Zachary Stockill
Zachary Stockill

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